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At Grove Road we have decided to use the introduction of the new national curriculum as an opportunity to take ownership of our learning. We have used the freedom which the new curriculum brings as an opportunity to create a bespoke approach to our children’s education. To this end, we have created a curriculum centred on conceptual themes which link much of our learning together.
Our learning is, of course, underpinned by the National Curriculum (2014) and the core elements of Literacy, Mathematics and Science follow national frameworks, but we enhance these to create an exciting and meaningful context for children to explore the world. Where commonality exists between foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, etc.) learning is linked and lessons taught through themes such as: equality, conflict, innovation or identity.
Our themes act as a thread, to weave together potentially disparate areas of learning and provide children with a fixed point of enquiry through which to explore the world. By approaching the curriculum in this way, we hope to create opportunities for children to engage with their learning in ways which are both challenging and stimulating, using enrichment opportunities as much as possible to bring their studies to life. 
To ensure breadth, balance and progression, curriculum content and core knowledge is carefully mapped across each Key Stage. The key skills and learning intentions of the national curriculum are distilled into a set of “milestones” formulated by the education consultants ChrisQuigleyEducationLtd.  Each year group then organises learning to support the application of knowledge, skills and understanding through our themes where links are appropriate. The Foundation Stage team now plan using the revised statutory framework for EYFS.
Over the course of the year, we will update our website with curriculum maps for each year group which outline the themes around which learning is based and how elements of the national curriculum are mapped. Please bear in mind, however, that the introduction of a new curriculum is an enormous undertaking and, as such, our curriculum maps are subject to continual revision and change. We continue to follow a number of HfL agreed frameworks:

HfL Maths Immersion Plans

HfL Literacy Framework

HfL Computing Scheme

Herts Agreed Syllabus of RE

If you would like to know more about our curriculum or would like to learn more about the changes to your child’s learning please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Primary National Curriculum

Home Learning Update

2017 / 2018 Class information for parents
Nursery: Mrs Kerin
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Reception: Mrs Bowen & Mrs Collins


Curriculum Map Autumn
Curriculum Map Spring
Curriculum Map Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid YR
Year 1: Miss McAteer & Mr Morgan
Curriculum Map Y1 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y1 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y1 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid Y1
Year 2: Mrs Hunt & Miss O'Leary
Curriculum Map Y2 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y2 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y2 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid Y2
Spring 2018 Home Learning Resources
Year 3: Miss Lea & Mr Maranzana
Curriculum Map Y3 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y3 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y3 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid & Resources Y3
Year 4: Miss Hillier & Miss Morris
Curriculum Map Y4 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y4 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y4 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid Y4
Spring 2018 2nd Half Home Learning - Grid & Resources Y4
Year 5: Mr Francis & Mr Tompkins
Curriculum Map Y5 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y5 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y5 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid Y5
Year 6: Mrs Chappell & Mr Tomkinson
Curriculum Map Y6 - Autumn
Curriculum Map Y6 - Spring
Curriculum Map Y6 - Summer
Spring 2018 Class Newsletter
Spring 2018 Home Learning - Grid Y6

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Home Leaning Expectations


The following is a guide to what might be a typical expectation as children move through the school. Occasionally children may be asked to finish work at home but this will not for the core part of homework.


Suggested time allocation per average week:


Reception: half an hour p/w


KS1 - Y1 & Y2: 1 hour p/w


KS2 - Y3 & Y4: 1.5 hours p/w


KS2 - Y5: 2 hours p/w


KS2 - Y6: 3 hours p/w