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Litter Pickers (September 2018)
A huge well done and a great big thank you to these very helpful students who gave up their time yesterday to collect litter after school in the rain, unprompted! They filled two rubbish sacks on the Bunyan Close footpath, making our local environment a nicer place to be.
Litter Pickers
Snow Leopard by Tionie (Spring 2018)
snow leopard

Nativity 2017

Nativity1 Nativity2
Nativity3 Nativity4

6 November 2017: Thank you to all the parents who attended our first Building Blocks session of the year. The children in Reception loved learning alongside you. We hope to see you all again on Thursday 9th November.


red nose day 2017
Alice and Amelia - Metaphors
A Day in the Life
girls reading science
classroom classroom
reading classroom
swing washing car
Tring 700
Tring 700 Mass Photo
Town Crier Town crier2
Town Crier3 Town crier4
Town crier5 Town Crier6
Mad Science Day 2015
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Mad Science Day Mad Science Day
Nursery Chicks
chick1 chick2
Year 4 Viking Day
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you lived in a Viking village? Well Year 4 can tell you.

It was Friday 11th October when we dressed up as Vikings for the Viking Day.  It started at my house in the morning when I leapt out of bed, excitement all over my face.  I ran down the stairs, jumped out of my pyjamas and into my Viking clothes.

When everyone was at school we had a Viking photo and Viking fashion show. Then we went into the hall. When I went into the Hall my mouth fell open, I thought I was in a real Viking village because ou could smell the smoke coming from the fire in the middle of the Hall. Mistress Holly, from ‘Off the Page’, introduced us to the superb activities and organised us into groups – weaving, bracelet making, medicine making, olive oil making, ink making and rune writing, dragon’s head making, candle-making and soap carving. In the end I had a favourite activity, it was the candle-making. We dipped a thread on a hook into the melted wax, pulled it out and said drip, drip, drippity, drip.

In the afternoon we were allowed to hold a Viking sword (it was blunt though) and other artefacts like a shield, a helmet and chain mail, which we were allowed to hold or try on.

Then we had to work as archaeologists in a team and we all had jobs. We had to make a grid in a box of compost before we could start to brush away the dirt and find lots of exciting things, like a bracelet. We found a small pot but did not know what it was so we had to look in the book to find out.

Now I know what it was like to be a proper Viking, it was hard work! The Viking Day was over and we all went home tired and happy Vikings. It was so much fun that I would love to do it all over again.

A recount by Year 4
year 4 viking 1 year 4 viking 2
year 4 viking 3 year 4 viking 4
year 4 viking 5 year 4 viking 6
Year 5 & 6 Bugsy Performance
Tring Carnival

The Pegasus

Head like an archway, tall and proud
Ears like snow, as white as the moon
Body like play dough moulded like goo
Fur as shimmering as a shoal of silver sardines swimming in the sea
Nose as warm as fire where I warm my hands and feet.
And the eyes so beautiful
‘oh’ the eyes most of all
So clear as river blue
And look like crystal marbles
Glimmering in the sun
As she glides within the cotton clouds
By Mhairi, Year 4

Ben in year 4 created a fantastic Powerpoint Presentation about his Grandad's war memories. Below are some of the pages from his presentation.
ww2 memories page 2 ww2 memories page 5
ww2 memories page 6 ww2 memories page 7
A huge thank you to every parent and pupil who helped to make our Children in Need fundraising day so successful. We had some very "spotty" children in school today.
The children have had a great day and we had a fabulous response to the Smarty Tube Fundraiser. Your generosity has been overwhelming.
The total raised from the Smarty Tubes was £1,250.28
An incredible effort given that a typical Smarty tube has room for just over 60 pennies!
Thank you to the dedicated group of money counters who are probably still at the bank filling money bags!! A special thank you to Natalie Hartley for getting the ball rolling and organising all the logistics.
pudsey cookies

Morgan raised £21 selling biscuits to her friends

The Pudsey Piano Recital arranged by Debbie Tozer raised £146

Eleanor and Jasper's bring & buy sale raised £33.10

Total sum raised this year: £1450.38

Year 4 Evacuation
We arranged a visit to the Dacorum Heritage Trust Museum in Berkhamsted for the Year 4 children on Friday 5th October to support our World War II topic. The children had a tour of the castle and also participated in a carousel of 4 activities at the Civic Centre.

For more photos - see the year 4 class page
y4 evac 1
year4 evac 2
Year 2 Home Learning task by Riley
dino homework
Year 6 have been using figurative language to compose personification poems.

Luck is everywhere, he lurks in the rare four leaf clover,
In the heart of a horse shoe and the heart of a rabbit’s foot.
His tall floppy hat brings luck to all in his path.
If you look close you can see his joyful tears roll down his cheeks like rain fall.

Bad things happen on Friday the 13th for this is when luck goes to sleep.
He cowers to see his courageous friends in pain at the number 13.                                              13, 13, 13
Written by William Stevens
A Secret Artist

Down in the basement a small paintbrush shakes her bristles,
She looks around her painted palace and smiles.
Like a panther she creeps to her canvas,
Slowly she begins to shiver with glee,
A smile like a sunny summer day plastered across her face,
Now she can begin to paint.

Her messy wooden body stalked the paint tray,
Dented eyes peered over violet, emerald and blue.
Then colour amber takes her fancy.
Flipping like a gymnast she colours her brown spiky hair,
Waddling carefully to her canvas,
She begins to make her mark.

A beautiful ballerina dancing across a page,
Leaving a trail of indigo and blue.
The picture makes her feel as happy and light as a cloud.
Suddenly disaster strikes! All her paints crash to the floor,
Splattering the wooden floor.
She stares to the ground.

All of a sudden she hears footsteps coming downstairs,
A thought whizzes through her tiny mind,
She dashes to the middle of the table and lies still,
The Artist steps into the room,
And stares, a stray paint brush and a wonderful masterpiece.

Rough hands thrust the frightened paintbrush into her plastic pot,
A tiny wooden heart slowed down,
She is just a plain old paintbrush. If you ever go looking for her picture,
Its one of the most famous in the World,
The........Mona Lisa by a Paintbrush.

By Eliza Bellis
Summer Reading Challenge
Hello everyone!
To get things started and to give me a chance to get to know you all, I set you a holiday challenge. I know there are some avid readers at Grove Road, so I asked you to find the most unusual place you can to read a good book. I received lots of entries and have made a presentation to show off your lovely photos.
Miss Sanderson

Here is a small selection...download the whole presentation below to see all the entries.
reading on a canon
reading in holland
Click the link below to see the presentation. Select "Save As" and then open. Please note that this is a very large file and may take a little time to download! Once in, click to see each photo (Esc to exit)


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