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School Policies

Admissions: Nursery Admissions & Sessions Policy
Admissions Statement 2020/2021
Anti-Bullying Policy 2017-2020
Attendance Policy 2019-2020
LA Code of Conduct - Penalty Notices linked to Attendance
Behaviour Policy 2015-2018
Charging & Remission Policy 2017-2020
Child Protection Policy 2018-2019
Comments and Complaints - Guidance for Parents
Comments and Complaints - Fact Sheet
Complaints Policy 2017-2019
RLP Equality Policy 2018
Equality Plan 2018
EYFS Policy 2017-2020
Feedback & Marking Policy 2017-2019
Publication Scheme Sep 2015-2018
Home Learning Policy 2015
Inclusion Policy 2016-2019
Information for parents - lockdown procedure
Maths Calculation Policy 2017-2020
Nursery Admissions and Sessions Policy 2018
RSE & Health Education Policy 2019
SEN Policy 2017-2020
Snow Protocol December 2016
Statement of Behaviour Principles
Uniform Policy

Guidance for Parents and Children

Getting to School
On Foot
We strongly encourage all parents to walk their children to school wherever possible. Pedestrian entrances to the school can be found in Beacon Way, Verney Close and via the footpath adjacent to Grove Road near Bunyan Close. The gated front entrance to the school is NOT a pedestrian entrance and is not safe to be used on foot as there are no pathways to walk along and the gates are usually shut. Please use the pedestrian entrances and ensure you close the gates behind you.
By Bicycle
Children should not ride to school unaccompanied until they have passed their Cycling Proficiency Test. Please note also that for safety reasons bikes must not be ridden on school premises and should be pushed to the cycle racks.
By Car
The road that runs through the school is closed to traffic with the exception of staff cars and delivery vehicles. There is no parking available to parents on the school site and cars must therefore be parked on the roads around the school. We would ask that all parents/carers park with consideration for local residents and other road users. Please also take extra care driving and parking in the roads around the school in wet weather, when traffic congestion increases, visibility decreases and children have hoods which obscure their vision.
Please note that dogs are not permitted anywhere on the school site. This is a Hertfordshire County Council regulation and is for the safety and hygiene reasons. Please do not leave dogs tied up at the pedestrian entrances - even a friendly dog can be quite intimidating for some children and adults.
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Arriving at School
Responsibility for the safety of children who arrive before 8.30am lies with their parents. All children enter the school through the doors to their classroom. Should children arrive at school after these doors have been closed in the morning, they should enter school via the main office entrance. Registration is at 8.50 am, all children arriving after this time will be recorded as late. A letter from parents explaining lateness is required for children arriving after 9.15am.
All infants and many juniors are brought to school and collected by adults. We would like to be informed if a different person is going to collect children. Also we would like to be advised if you are delayed when collecting children so that we can see that they don’t go off on their own.
Children are not allowed to leave the school premises during school hours unless collected and accompanied by parents or another designated adult.
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Sickness and other absences
We require you to telephone the school when your child is absent and ask for a written note at the end of the absence. If this is not provided, the absence will be marked as unauthorised.
It is a school policy that no absences for holidays taken during term time will be authorised. Absences for other reasons such as funerals, etc may be authorised at the Headteacher’s discretion. Please inform the school in advance of any planned absences.
Please also note that it is school policy that your child should not attend school for at least 48 hours after an episode of vomiting or diarrheoa.
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